Katalogi / Emil Minkov


Emil Minkov

Every complete physical object in the universe is made of parts, a combination of many small particles. The same is the philosophy of beauty and emotions: colours and pieces merge to form new colours and inspire new feelings, they also split apart to produce seemingly alike but different colours and emotions.

Similar to a molecule, a piece of glass or stone of any colour is meaningless alone, but combined with others it can create a complete perfection.

What draws me to the mosaic medium is the never-ending choice of colour and material combination and the opportunity to depict the wonderful images that have captured my heart.

A mosaic needs patience as does the unconditional love; the solid bids are placed individually, separated by lines and being at the same time perfectly integral.

The amount of time and labour expended to create mosaic works of art are phenomenal, yet the outcome presents an appealing marriage of intricate colourful patterns and images reflected in the austerity and solidity of the pieces.

I tried and combined different material in my mosaic works until I discovered that I particularly enjoy creating mosaics from glass. Each and every piece of glass I use has a magnificent colour and a hand cut uniqueness.

It is with great pleasure that I invite you to the presentation of my works in this virtual gallery.

Emil Minkov


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